Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Publishment.... new poem up @ The Cyinc Online

Hey!! I have a new poem up at "The Cynic Online/Cafe Del Soul" called Making Room - this one's not so dark, erm... well.... it talks of burning flesh and devil's, but in a *good* way! Take a gander if you have the time and Thanks in advance!

I'm particularly excited about this because not only does "The Cynic Online" have really good poets/poems, but they also have great stories! I'm hoping once I get a few more shorts in order that I'll get a certain one published here as well. The stories are entertaining, not so horror-ish, but cynical nonetheless, well worth a read if you get a moment.

Other contributing poets :

Life's Decisions by Anthony Dedakis;
The Purple Flower by Maxwell Baumbach
Goat Rider by Scott Gray; Reality by Nabanita Deshmukh;
Write Yet Another by James Dye; Hard Work by Alphonso Amos;
Climb Into a Rainbow by Tom Snee; Making Room by KM McElhinny;
Model Citizen by Tarik Linthicum; Truth by Marc Carver;
The Rain by Steve De France

Have a great Day and Happy Writing!


onipar... said...

Nice! A very cool poem about writing. And of course, mmmmm, burning flesh. :-P


K.Hinny said...

Thanks onipar!! :D

bettielee said...

First: congrats! :) Second: you has blog award on my blog! :)

K.Hinny said...

Thank you AND THANK YOU!!! I'll pop over momentarily! That's so sweet and Ima all blushing like a girl. Thanks so much Bettie! {{{HUGS}}}

mmcelhinny said...

BTW, Congrats on the Blog Award! Yay!