Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Publication -- My poem over at SNM Horror!

Hey everyone! My poem SYMPHONIC DEATH, is over at SNM Horror Magazine!

Other contributing poets:

Mike Green - Her Unsober Ways, Effie Collins - Brothel of Wicked Fantasy, Thom Olausson - The Blood Curse, Michael Hanson - An Artist, Kurt Newton -Holocaust Beauty Pageant, John Boden - Scree, Damien Grintalis -Terrible Beauty, K.M. McElhinny - Symphonic Death, Theresa Newbill - Black and White, Steven Marshall - A Thought in the Black

Happy writing!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Animation

I'm a very animated person.

I have the stereotypical folly of an Italian moving their hands when speaking. Not only do I move my hands, but the more excited I become, the more animated I grow. Pacing, moving about the house or my environment. I use a lot of space to keep up with my mind. If I sit still I wind up flubbing my thoughts, and am unable to focus on the conversation. Which annoys the conversationalee who thinks I'm not listening. I understand, I wouldn't want someone not paying attention when I spoke. So I move or do things to keep the conversation flowing. In my small circle of friends/family, Dramamine has been mandated from the conversational journeys I take them on.

I don't find this particular attribute to be irritating, and the good people in my life do what they can to cater to my special quirk.

Recently, I've noticed this habit incorporated through my writing. When I'm sitting in front of the keyboard, enmeshed within my story and stumble on what the next word will be, I start moving my hands if the subject in question is touch. I pull my face with the emotion of the character, I get goosebumps for a certain situation, hold my breathe with a character under tension, release a breathe in relief...shrug, wink, furrow my brows, etc...

Not only do I hear the characters voice, see the sights, smell the smells, but now I'm expressing their emotions. It's possible the characters are trying to over throw me and take my body for their own personal conquest in world domination...

Happy writing!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Workload... wk 8

Another week, more numbers, some goals met, one not so much. I have no cute stories or witty commentary to feed anyone today. Mackenzie, left me word-drunk. I've been forehead deep in my story. It's been an interesting ride. I've discovered a new (quite creepy) character, not sure what's in store for her, where she came from or what she is going to be for MC, but anyway you slice it, very exciting :D

My goals last week:

CINDER - 8000
Sub pieces out (I will do this!)
Two poems

Instead of 8k for CINDER, I managed to do 10+. I honestly didn't think I would hit 8, then I had two killer days where I wrote an amazing amount. I'm closing in on 30k within the next couple of days. YAY!!

I'm happy to announce I did sub out a microfiction piece and three poems. So that goal was done. (Only took me two weeks to do it. But hey, late is better than never!)

No poems this week tho. I have two brewing in my head, but I got a revision request from a zine that I've been dying to get into so I'm going to put all of my focus on that poem until it's just right.

This week's goals:

Finish and sub out poem.
Beta one story.

Also, the end is coming near for May's Shock Totem Flash Contest. We've been on pins and needles wondering what's the who from the stories. They were all incredible pieces and I can't wait to see who the lucky winners are. I'm just jazzed I got to be a part of it and the feedback for my own story will surely help my writing.

Don't forget to pop over to Mr. Alan W. Davidson's blog for the flash contest over there!

and of course, those valiant writers who are still posting their goals as well! Give them some love too folks! K. Allen Wood, Shadowflame, and Effie (plus when you stop over to Effie's blog, you can listen to her wicked story on ShadowCast). Hugs are nice but kind words are even better...

A little something from Ricky Gervais and the fabulous show EXTRA'S to keep your warm fuzziness lasting through the night.

Thanks All! Have a great week!
Happy writing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Contest - On Conversations from Land's End

Mr. Alan W. Davidson, fine author of Conversations from Land's End will be having his blogoversary soon! To celebrate he's hosting his first ever flash fiction contest on his blog and he wants YOU to send in your best holiday flash pieces to him.

The contest is Holiday themed, to celebrate The Victoria Day Weekend, (Memorial Day in the US) and his year anniversary. The Deadline is June 20th. Check out the prizes and everything! While spitting on any judge is not allowed there are many other fun things you can do to torment the nice people who are helping Alan pick the winners.
(for a full list of rules click linky)

Go and join in the fun Peeps, Alan is a right nice fellow and won't bite (even tho his stories do!)

happy writing and good luck to all who join!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Day... Sunday March, 23 2010

I have been in a blog funk as of late, coming up with plenty of ideas to spout out to the kind readers of my page, but nothing has come to fruition. The Vocabulary (about my geeky love of words), The Running (where I compare running to writing), The Negativity (where I talk about the negative effects our thoughts have on us and how we combat them each and every day), The Critiques (where I discuss how I learned how to crit before I learned how to write a proper story and how important it is to me). Lots of ideas, and yet nothing to show for it. I'm sure those ideas will blossom in my lil brain soon enough, but for now a little story about my day.

Everyday can not go as planned. ("Ain't that the truth!" someone screams over from left-center). Today was like this for me. I woke up at six o'clock feeling rested, finally over my insomnia episode, and started to plan out what I would do today. Wake up, start laundry, eat breakfast, sweep, dishes, get kids dressed, go running, make brownies with the kids. My brother and his newly blushing fiance were coming over at noon so that gave me plenty of time, and we would have brownies to celebrate the occasion. :D

It was a sound plan. Then I fell back asleep.

I shot up out of bed at 9 am. My children were nestled in front of the television watching old episodes of Tom and Jerry, munching on cereal. Unfettered that mommy had slept in.

I didn't allow that to bother me. I had lost three hours, but still, I could do what I'd planned if I timed everything properly. I got myself something to eat, took my vitamins, read and started the laundry. I sat down to write, figuring a short half an hour while breakfast settled in my stomach would leave just enough time to go running and then make brownies.

The phone rang.

"Hey! We're on our way over!" said the blushing fiance. "Is that okay?"

"Oh, I thought you were coming over at noon?"

Nope. Turned out it was already ten thirty, and my brother had told me between eleven and twelve. They were already in the car, on their way over to my house so I couldn't say, "No, it's not okay, I have plans! The brownies aren't made yet, I'm not even dressed!" So instead, I said "Sure, come on over!"

I threw on some clothes, kissed the computer goodbye, (writing would have to wait), and brushed my teeth. Just as my foot hit the kitchen to clean, they walked through the door. Scratch the kitchen...

I will spare the details of the visit. However, they asked me, my husband and children to be in their wedding. :D (Keep reading, I promise it will be worth it).

After they left, I was starving, but I wanted run. If I ate first, I would have to wait again so, I would eat as soon as I got home. On my run I decided it was time to push myself just a tad harder. So I decided to run to the center of town (not far, probably a mile and a half one way).

When I run I always prepare myself for many things. Running is pretty uncomfortable, I've learned to make myself as comfortable as possible ie., dress for the weather, take my allergy medication before I go, use the bathroom. All of the things, which help make the process harder, I remove from the situation.

I couldn't find my running pants, I threw on sweats, and left my house. After a while, seeing as I hadn't eaten, my brain got fuzzy. A little voice in my head pulled me to the right and said "You should turn here! It'll make your run shorter!!" I ignored it. I was slightly heated from the sweats but I knew I could push through the discomfort. I wasn't having a problem breathing, I was just hot. Running does that to a person :D

I kept going. Thinking about my blog and how it would be a great story to tell all of you how I pushed myself and how good it felt to do something I didn't think I could accomplish. I would prove it to myself that things weren't as hard as they seemed to be in the moment.

At an intersection, a little voice said "Turn left here! You're not going to make it!"

I shrugged the voice off again. Negative thoughts are always trying to beat people down and if we listen to them we'd never accomplish anything.

Seeing the traffic light pole ahead told me I was in the center of town. "See?" I thought, "It didn't even feel like it was that long." And it hadn't. I hit the pole, turned and continued to run home. Three seconds later I realized I had to pee. Bad.

If anyone has ever run in CC, they'd know that it's okay to pee your pants (at least it was on my team, I never did, but plenty of the guys I knew had) as long as you kept going. But, I couldn't pee my pants. I was already dizzy, weak and peeing my sweats was not a good idea considering I would have to RUN home in wet sweats, when I was already shriveling under the hot sun. I held it, kept running and made my way home feeling a grand sensation of accomplishment, knowing that I did what I didn't think I could. I felt great for proving to myself I could run three miles with no problem, not listening to the little voice in my head that told me to turn around. I stretched and ate lunch and now I've never been better.

....Not quite. :D

Any woman whose had a child knows how impossible it is to hold your bladder. By the time I hit the funeral home I could barely contain it. Without my permission my bladder leaked and then let go at full force. Yes, I peed my pants. I also gave up trying to run in wet sweats. I hadn't prepared myself. Not only that, I haven't been running long enough, sleeping enough and eating well enough to have been able to attempt this run.

The funny thing, is that I thought I would be hard on myself for walking the rest of the way home, peeing my pants and not accomplishing my goal. However, I wasn't. That surprised me the most. Then I realized that there are times when we push ourselves TOO hard. And everything backfires on us. I can laugh at myself now because while yes, I am a thirty year old woman who peed her pants while running, in public, no less (and now writing about it on my VERY public blog) I'm not embarrassed. The fact of the matter is that I tried. I tried, and failed, but I didn't cry, I didn't get embarrassed, and I didn't become defeated.

It happened. There is nothing I can do about it, and at least tried. When I got home I showed my husband, my kids laughed and my daughter gave me a hug.

But I learned something today, (ah-ha! the point you're saying) just because I didn't finish my goal today doesn't mean I won't be able to do it tomorrow. I will be able to run this route again, I just have to give myself some time. Not push too hard and always, always, always remember to use the bathroom before I leave the house.

I am now showered, sitting here writing a non-writing blog entry (hope I didn't gross too many people out btw) and posting a completed post.

Have a great day folks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Workload... wk 7

I believe this post will be short and sweet. Still not much energy, but I think I'm going running later. I've either been sleeping like poo, or completely overstimulated. It's funny being me these last couple of weeks. :D

On a different note, I believe I caught up with everyone's blog. If I missed you I apologize, it wasn't intentional.

Onto the goals, last week:

Beta two stories.
CINDER - 8000 words
Sub out two things
Two Poems.

Whan, whan, whaaaannnn.... I didn't sub anything out. Nor did I write poems.

I did manage to write 8280 words for CINDER and 1696 words for a collaborative piece I've been working on and off for the last couple months. Bringing my word count to 9976 for the week!

My beta work is finished as well!

And that's about all yo. Now I'm feeling like K. Allen Wood, he says that his word count posts are always boring... maybe I should throw up a fun picture... *looks for a picture*

Hope you all enjoy Artie. He's the strongest man in the world.

Eh, I know, I know a weak try at humor. But I couldn't leave my post with just the numbers and goals. And Artie can pump up any post :D

Now for next week. I'd love to actually have a week where I hit 10k, but that goal will have to wait until my head is less fuzzy...*wonders* does anyone ever get used to insomnia? I'm going to shoot for 8k on CINDER again.


CINDER - 8000
Sub pieces out (I will do this!)
Two poems

And that's about it. Write good words! Visit the folks who are keeping track too!! Darkly Shadow, Deadly Effie, Shady K. Allen Wood,

Happy writing!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Workload, wk 6. (late, but never better)

First off I have to apologize for not reading anyone's blog this week. I have been having a hella time sleeping; my brain shut down Tuesday and didn't start back up until this morning. Much apologies. I will catch up, I promise. :D

Onto writing news. MC has taken a new and interesting path with the start of this WIP. I'm enjoying it, she isn't a victim anymore (yay!! no more whiny girl, which is what I disliked about her the most). She's become tarnished, complex and she's gotten some deeper (much darker) layers. I think it's fabulous. Mackenzie, my muse, is back in full force. Today, when I was writing chapter six, it was very hard to stop. *Sigh* I do love that. (the only reason I did stop was bc my daughter woke up from her nap mind you).

Let's see... *looks back to last weeks goals* AH-HA!

CINDER - 8000 words + outline
Sub out two things
Two Poems.

My outline is resting at a cool 19,372 words, which takes the story up to chapter 20. I'm thinking this novel will have about 90k and 27 chapters. That of course is ballpark, bc I really have no idea. For the actual WIP, I wrote 9985 words so I surpassed my goal of 8000 and I'm heading into chapter seven. *shakes with anticipation*

I did not sub out two things. No excuses, I just didn't do it. I've got a handful of things ready to send out this Monday.

Poems, I wrote nine instead of two. I'm finding that every other week short word bursts come to me in a deluge. So, while I'll still have a goal for poems, it may not happen every week.


Onto brighter goals.

For next week:

Finish Beta's (two stories) DONE!
CINDER - 8000
Two poems
Sub out the prepared poems, and microfiction piece.

The crazy kids keeping track of their goals are doing a heck of a job as well. Stop by and see them too! Mr. K. Allen Wood, Lady Shadow and Lovely Effie

Enjoy your week folks! Happy writing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Issue # 2, Shock Totem is almost here!

In light of recent events... (ie. seeing this wicked cover and deciding to blog about it). I have opted to delay my workload post for a couple of days. My friends over at Shock Totem, horror and macabre magazine, have been working hard to get out their second issue and here is the cover.


It should be done very soon.

Now we just have to wait. With the little teaser, here is some information about issue 2.

Author's published in the issue include: Cate Gardner, Grá Linnaea & Sarah Dunn, Nick Bronson, Christian A. Dumais, David Jack Bell, Ricardo Bare, Kurt Newton, Leslianne Wilder, Vincent Pendergast

Contributions by: K. Allen Wood (editor's note), John Boden (conversation with James Newman), and the lovely Mercedes M. Yardley (Abominations: Hide the Sickness: an article)

In addition: Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews) and Howling Through the Keyhole (Author Notes)

**Artwork for the cover done by Hicham Haddaji. (oops! forgot to put that in, sorry Hicham!)

I've personally had the opportunity to read some of these fine people's work either at Shock Totem or elsewhere. Each and every author brings a unique style and creative prowess with the stories I've read. I assure you that there will be plenty of macabre and horror to go around.

If my feeble attempt to sway you with words hasn't helped, pop over to the Shock Totem Shop and pick up the first issue, wet your taste buds, and get ready for #2! The front cover is just as gorgeous as this one, but you're going to have to take a look see yourself to see if I'm telling the truth or not. (You can also find these lovely magazines at Barnes'n Noble or Amazon)

Along with the issue Shock Totem is a great place to hang. People are friendly with a dry, dark wit I adore. The mag has gotten great reviews from lots of different peeps, and I am super glad I found it to help hone my writing skills. Stop by and stay for a bite. (Don't worry, we'll only take your arm or a finger).

As for my goals. just wanted to say that yes, I met them and I'm going to throw up the # 8000k once again. The WorkLoad will be in a couple of days. Just enjoy this post until then! Thanks folks!!

Happy Reading! Go buy your copy of issue #1 today!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Dirty Comments....

LOL, every time I hit a certain number of comments I get these wonderful "remarks" in Chinese. Of course, it's spam. So I'm going to figure out how to use a slight moderation. I'm not a firm believer against porn, the comments are easy enough to ignore(that's what the delete key is for), everyone has a right to see or do whatever they wish. I just don't want it on my blog. At first they were little blurbs. Out of curiosity, I translated them through Google. Now, the blurb gods have grown angry with my delete key. They've turned lengthy and into advertisements for their videos or photos.

From this: "Life is a walk in moonlight."

to "Romantic moonlight forum 85cc adult movie area pastes a movie area Yuan really crisp yellow movie night of chatroom night of sentiment video Internet forum night of fervor chatroom one-to-many beautiful woman video one-to-one video one-to-one video to chat clearly the one-to-one video spicy younger sister video and music video chatroom sweetheart treasure direct seeding to paste the piece to play the beautiful woman person video net beautiful woman short film free to take a look at the video to make friends net 50024 rainbow avdvdsex888 free to look that movie Asia Asia dvd the disc hundred matter free av video chats the net free on-line aa piece to take a look at 85CCsex to paste piece net s383 sentiment color clathria ka ripe female autodyne sex free adult movie situation work place happy thing video swim suit Xiu to develop the net to make friends the free adult movie, 104 free becomeThe human sentiment color literature novel video anchor escapes clothes Xiu gogo2sexplus28 forum Mick to synthesize the forum chatroom to make friends av adult net g8mm middle video bad friend forum video beautiful woman msvt the person chatroom video net to like the chatroom network help handing over 168 forum spicy younger sisters to paste the chart Hsinchu help to hand over the 38ga piece to download the national biggest club ok video, video hot dance Xiu"

No offense to the woman trying to make money, but they can do it somewhere else. My blog isn't a freeway for their ventures anymore.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Bullet

I bit it.

The bullet I mean. I threw in the towel with my other WIP. I'm starting over. I know, I know it's usually the kiss of death when it comes to WIP's. Every article and book I've read on writing speaks true against it. I understand what I'm going to put myself through. I just can't justify spending anymore time on a story where my MC keeps saying "I don't know what's going on... but I'm going to find out." (and then she doesn't).


I was becoming defeated and yes, while I'm sure that happens with everyone, I was beginning to grow beyond frustrated. My new outline is firmly in place, along with word count goal. My characters are laid out. I just have to write the story. I have a great resolve in doing this and I've set my finishing goal for September.

This may be unprecedented, but I'm following my gut. It's going to get done. The characters are still talking to me. Albeit they aren't as nice as they once were because I haven't figured out their story yet.

I'm not even going to reference the rough draft. I'm going to view this as a completely different story. All of what I knew has fallen away anyway. So I'm starting over. I want to get this story done. Sticking with the original draft won't get me there. I can feel it. As for now I have no word count on my new MS and I wash my hands of the other one.

On a different note, (haven't figured out how these subjects go hand in hand, but I'm sure they do) I have not been sleeping well. I'm currently in my second week of not smoking and the withdraw symptoms are starting to take a toll on me. I'm irritable, and I can't concentrate on much. However I know these side effects are only temporary and my goal to quit will only get me further improved clarity for other aspects of my life. But the lack of sleep mixed with the lack of nicotine is a fine cocktail for a cranky Kara. Even with the patch. Which is wonderful btw, I highly recommend the patch to anyone who wants to quit smoking and doesn't have a heart murmur (I had a friend use the patch who had a murmur and the results weren't pretty. That's all I'm saying. I'm not a doctor of course).

The craving to have a cigarette is basically void. Which is fabulous because I'm not fighting the undying need to have just one more hit AND the bitchy symptoms. Yes, I'm craving coffee (which is so weird bc I don't drink coffee ever) and Tollehouse Softbatch chocolate chip cookies, but that's it despite the sudden burst of frustration over something which normally wouldn't frustrate me. All temporary things. And the irritation doesn't last long. As long as I let it out. :D (poor McElhinny household).

Between the lack of sleep and the nicotine withdraw I don't need another frustration. I actually have a decent bit plodded out in my outline so I'm pleased and the beginning is much better already. I promise, to myself that I will finish this novel. It may have a different name in the end. But I will finish it.

*spits the bullet out of her mouth*

Now, I can rest a little easier, and maybe get some sleep.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Workload... wk 5 (oops! last week was 4)

**Warning! Post is linked up! :P**

So I'm in the middle of writing chapter seventeen of Cinder and I can't seem to stop drifting. I've got about 1k under my belt so I'm sure I'll be able to focus on it, in a little while anyway. I thought I'd get this started.

First off upon Mr. Aaron Polson's recommendation, I changed my goal to 7k instead of 6k. Turned out to not be so hard after all and according to my wordcount sheet I wound up with 8611 (thanks Aaron!) words on Cinder for last week jumping from chapter twelve to chapter seventeen.

It would have been higher except Shock Totem is holding their Bi-monthly flash fiction contest this month; I am bound and determined to participate this time. The story started out as 2045 words and I've managed to whittle it down to 988. Saturday I poured over it, neglecting Cinder and yesterday, I edited. So there were two days not spent on my WIP. However, I'm pleased with the results of this challenge. I think the most important lesson I learned with it is that I'm really growing as a writer.

I've also decided that Cinder needs an outline. My characters are jumping all over the place and I can't seem to keep up. I had one when the story was third person, and I pretty much know what's going to happen, but my MC and her buddies are running a muck without a leash. I'm going to finish up my chapter (or hit 2k today) then sit down to loosely plot out this story.

I'm a fairly organized person. This may be why I've been having trouble reining in the edges of this WIP. I don't stick true to the outlines once the story takes off. I'm not OCD over it. I just think it helps me lay the frame of the story down without freaking out about what's going on.

Overall goals from last week:

11,055 words all together
1/2 poem (my goal was two poems, so I failed there)

As for my poetry, I wrote a half of a poem this past week and I got three of the seven I wrote last week ready for sub. Onto better news!

**I received two acceptances from The Cynic Online, my poem Making Room will go Live on June 16th and my other poem Faeries Aren't the Same Without Wings will go live on July 1st. I was tickled. I heart those poems but I didn't really believe they could get published. Which goes to show I am still learning.

(I think I'm going to start a drinking game. Every time I say "I'm a new writer" or "I'm still learning" ya'll can take a shot! It'll be fun :D)

So now I'm off to work on chapter seventeen which I'll finish by the end of the night. Don't forget to stop by K. Allen Wood's, Shadow's and now Effie's blog to root them on (though Effie wants to be kicked in the pants, I think she did a great job last week) with their wordcount. Ben Solah only posts monthly goals but he kicked April's ass so if ya have time congratulate him as well.

Next week's goals:

CINDER - 8000 words + outline
Sub out two things
Two Poems.

That's it for now.

Happy writing!

Oh, and one more thing. THE CLOSED DOOR post made me realize that I've been freaking out once a month about writing for the last couple of months. I'm going to start a Feature Monthly Post called THE FREAK OUT or THE PANIC pt___<--insert # here.

(If anyone else has any better names please feel free to toss them at me. I throw like a girl, but I can catch very well.)