Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Workload... wk 7

I believe this post will be short and sweet. Still not much energy, but I think I'm going running later. I've either been sleeping like poo, or completely overstimulated. It's funny being me these last couple of weeks. :D

On a different note, I believe I caught up with everyone's blog. If I missed you I apologize, it wasn't intentional.

Onto the goals, last week:

Beta two stories.
CINDER - 8000 words
Sub out two things
Two Poems.

Whan, whan, whaaaannnn.... I didn't sub anything out. Nor did I write poems.

I did manage to write 8280 words for CINDER and 1696 words for a collaborative piece I've been working on and off for the last couple months. Bringing my word count to 9976 for the week!

My beta work is finished as well!

And that's about all yo. Now I'm feeling like K. Allen Wood, he says that his word count posts are always boring... maybe I should throw up a fun picture... *looks for a picture*

Hope you all enjoy Artie. He's the strongest man in the world.

Eh, I know, I know a weak try at humor. But I couldn't leave my post with just the numbers and goals. And Artie can pump up any post :D

Now for next week. I'd love to actually have a week where I hit 10k, but that goal will have to wait until my head is less fuzzy...*wonders* does anyone ever get used to insomnia? I'm going to shoot for 8k on CINDER again.


CINDER - 8000
Sub pieces out (I will do this!)
Two poems

And that's about it. Write good words! Visit the folks who are keeping track too!! Darkly Shadow, Deadly Effie, Shady K. Allen Wood,

Happy writing!


Alan W. Davidson said...

The photo is a nice distraction from the stats. He looks a bit like Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. That's Canadian, but I think it has a following in some of the states as well. Your word count is still beating the heck out of me.

Lee Thompson said...

LOL. Damn, Arnie is an impressive specimen of my gender. And what a great outfit! :-P

Awesome job, Kara! You're frickin' killin' it.

Aaron Polson said...

Good on you! It always feels good to hit those word count goals. (where can I get a shirt like the one Artie has on?)

Paula Ray said...

Sometimes you just need to recharge. It is okay to not catch up with everyone's blog :) It is nice you do it, but if you missed a few here and there, we'd still love you. If you feel driven to stay on top of everyone's blog and do all the beta stuff and take care of sick kids and a sick, try to write....why, you're going to burn out quickly.

your health and your family's health, your writing, BETA stuff, then that order.

Most people do not comment on all their friend's every blog post. Nor do most people have time to workshop all of their friend's stories. It is okay to not be super girl, even though you do it so well. :)

Much love to you, Kara

K.Hinny said...

Hey Alan. Don't think that Bubbles and Artie act too similarly though... of course Artie's house is an outhouse so they could be cousins!

Thanks Lee! Artie is VERY impressive. :D

Aaron, I do believe you can buy the shirt... I'll look into it for you :D

Paula! Much love back to you girl! I'm not being too hard on myself, I'm just trying to figure some shite out yo! :P

onipar... said...

Artie! I love Pete and Pete. Good stuff. I watch the Halloween episode every year.

Get those poems subbed. how will they ever be published if you don't? ;-)

Bea Sempere said...

Keep going, Hinny. You're doing great.

btw, that picture is scary. The outfit looks like something from my childhood. Frightening!