Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Issue # 2, Shock Totem is almost here!

In light of recent events... (ie. seeing this wicked cover and deciding to blog about it). I have opted to delay my workload post for a couple of days. My friends over at Shock Totem, horror and macabre magazine, have been working hard to get out their second issue and here is the cover.


It should be done very soon.

Now we just have to wait. With the little teaser, here is some information about issue 2.

Author's published in the issue include: Cate Gardner, Grá Linnaea & Sarah Dunn, Nick Bronson, Christian A. Dumais, David Jack Bell, Ricardo Bare, Kurt Newton, Leslianne Wilder, Vincent Pendergast

Contributions by: K. Allen Wood (editor's note), John Boden (conversation with James Newman), and the lovely Mercedes M. Yardley (Abominations: Hide the Sickness: an article)

In addition: Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews) and Howling Through the Keyhole (Author Notes)

**Artwork for the cover done by Hicham Haddaji. (oops! forgot to put that in, sorry Hicham!)

I've personally had the opportunity to read some of these fine people's work either at Shock Totem or elsewhere. Each and every author brings a unique style and creative prowess with the stories I've read. I assure you that there will be plenty of macabre and horror to go around.

If my feeble attempt to sway you with words hasn't helped, pop over to the Shock Totem Shop and pick up the first issue, wet your taste buds, and get ready for #2! The front cover is just as gorgeous as this one, but you're going to have to take a look see yourself to see if I'm telling the truth or not. (You can also find these lovely magazines at Barnes'n Noble or Amazon)

Along with the issue Shock Totem is a great place to hang. People are friendly with a dry, dark wit I adore. The mag has gotten great reviews from lots of different peeps, and I am super glad I found it to help hone my writing skills. Stop by and stay for a bite. (Don't worry, we'll only take your arm or a finger).

As for my goals. just wanted to say that yes, I met them and I'm going to throw up the # 8000k once again. The WorkLoad will be in a couple of days. Just enjoy this post until then! Thanks folks!!

Happy Reading! Go buy your copy of issue #1 today!!


Cate Gardner said...

I can't wait to get my sweaty mittens on my copy.

K.Hinny said...

I know!!! I can't WAIT to read your story Cate!!

Sarah said...

I got to get #1 first!

*grumbles as she figures finances for the next month*

K. Allen Wood said...

Thanks, Hinster! You ROCK! =)

mmcelhinny said...

Wait a minute, are they paying you? Awesome cover.

JLC said...

That cover looks very cool! Thanks for the info!

Natalie L. Sin said...

Ah, Shock Totem. One day I will woo you. In the meantime, kick-ass cover!

Lee Thompson said...

I hope it's as great and diversified as the first issue was! The pressure is on!
Congrats to Cate and Kurt!

Like Nat, one day, I will woo. Wee. Something.

Fantastic cover!

I can't wait until we can subscribe like I do to a few other of my favorite mags!
Great post, Kara! Awesome on your goals!

Aaron Polson said...

The eye...sees...all.

Paula Ray said...

Great cover. I look forward to the reading this. Way to show the Totem some love, Kara.

K.Hinny said...

Sarah, thanks for reading my blog... I can't help you with finances sadly, I've no money either. :(

Ken, Anytime :D

Matt, :P

Jen, hope you enjoy it. It's awesome!!

Natalie, *cracks fortune cookie* read "Your goal may be closer the harder you woo...bribes are good as well"

hmm... that's weird. :D

Lee, thanks. I'm pretty excited about my goals too.

Aaron, I think they placed the eye behind your back to spy on you.

Paula! {{Hugs}} I'm just trying to give back what the site has given to me.

Benjamin Solah said...

This cover is awesome!

And now as you saw, I joined the forum this morning. Hopefully you guys can help me get published...

onipar... said...

Looks good. I saw this on Cate's blog as well; it should be a great issue!