Friday, May 14, 2010

The Workload, wk 6. (late, but never better)

First off I have to apologize for not reading anyone's blog this week. I have been having a hella time sleeping; my brain shut down Tuesday and didn't start back up until this morning. Much apologies. I will catch up, I promise. :D

Onto writing news. MC has taken a new and interesting path with the start of this WIP. I'm enjoying it, she isn't a victim anymore (yay!! no more whiny girl, which is what I disliked about her the most). She's become tarnished, complex and she's gotten some deeper (much darker) layers. I think it's fabulous. Mackenzie, my muse, is back in full force. Today, when I was writing chapter six, it was very hard to stop. *Sigh* I do love that. (the only reason I did stop was bc my daughter woke up from her nap mind you).

Let's see... *looks back to last weeks goals* AH-HA!

CINDER - 8000 words + outline
Sub out two things
Two Poems.

My outline is resting at a cool 19,372 words, which takes the story up to chapter 20. I'm thinking this novel will have about 90k and 27 chapters. That of course is ballpark, bc I really have no idea. For the actual WIP, I wrote 9985 words so I surpassed my goal of 8000 and I'm heading into chapter seven. *shakes with anticipation*

I did not sub out two things. No excuses, I just didn't do it. I've got a handful of things ready to send out this Monday.

Poems, I wrote nine instead of two. I'm finding that every other week short word bursts come to me in a deluge. So, while I'll still have a goal for poems, it may not happen every week.


Onto brighter goals.

For next week:

Finish Beta's (two stories) DONE!
CINDER - 8000
Two poems
Sub out the prepared poems, and microfiction piece.

The crazy kids keeping track of their goals are doing a heck of a job as well. Stop by and see them too! Mr. K. Allen Wood, Lady Shadow and Lovely Effie

Enjoy your week folks! Happy writing!


Lee Thompson said...

Wow, you are a machine, woman! Awesome! Keep up the great work and send me some money so I can pay my child support. LOL. Kidding. I don't have kids. Just send the money. You rock!

K.Hinny said...

Thanks Lee!! Sorry tho, no money sent to strangers... that's what my grandmother told me.

K. Allen Wood said...

You, too! Damn. Congrats! Rock out with your...oi! Elvis!

bettielee said...

Good job, K! **leaves trail of Pixie Stix for Mackenzie**

Cate Gardner said...

WOW! That's one heck of a wordcount for your outlines. Mine usually come to about 3,000 words at most.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Glad to hear that you're catching up on your sleep and getting more rest. Yay! for the darker and deeper MC.

K.Hinny said...

Ken, Thanks !

Bettie, *sweeps pixi stix off blog and into bettie's* :P Thanks hon!!

Cate, lol... I know, I was trying to keep it simple (my outline) but when I get to certain chapters the scene starts to play out so I jot down a minimal amount. Just so I won't forget it :D

Alan, thank! I'm happy the sleep devil has show itself over my shoulder again too.

Bea Sempere said...

No need to apologize for not visiting blogs, Hinny. Everyone knows life sometimes gets hectic and we all visit when we can. I haven't been around much this week either, but I'm trying to catch up.

You're accomplishing a lot with your writing and I'm glad your MC became the character you like. :D

Keep writing and take care.

Benjamin Solah said...

You achieved so much again - and you have time for beta reading.

Thanks for doing that for me. You're the first one in lol

K.Hinny said...

Thanks Bea!

Anytime Ben! Thanks :D

mmcelhinny said...

8000 glorious words and can't read a single one.... :(
You're kicking butt lady. Keep it up!