Monday, May 24, 2010

The Contest - On Conversations from Land's End

Mr. Alan W. Davidson, fine author of Conversations from Land's End will be having his blogoversary soon! To celebrate he's hosting his first ever flash fiction contest on his blog and he wants YOU to send in your best holiday flash pieces to him.

The contest is Holiday themed, to celebrate The Victoria Day Weekend, (Memorial Day in the US) and his year anniversary. The Deadline is June 20th. Check out the prizes and everything! While spitting on any judge is not allowed there are many other fun things you can do to torment the nice people who are helping Alan pick the winners.
(for a full list of rules click linky)

Go and join in the fun Peeps, Alan is a right nice fellow and won't bite (even tho his stories do!)

happy writing and good luck to all who join!


Alan W. Davidson said...

Thanks for the 'shout out', Kara! Much appreciated. Hey, enought of the tormenting judges talk!

K.Hinny said...

*tee hee*

mmcelhinny said...

Enough giggling lady, you'd better get to work! :D

Natalie L. Sin said...

I would be tempted to make up my own, very naked, holiday.