Friday, July 9, 2010

The Momentum

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of board-games, play-doh, fireworks, walks, good food, pleasant news, and very little internet time. Now, summer vacation is rightly in check, I have found my footing.

I am sorry to say that my forward thrust on CINDER has slowed, but still in process. Producing only two chapters a week, it is resting at a cool 63,000 words and I should be able to finish it up within the next month with the firm routine I've set out for myself.

Although my blog has been on slight hiatus, I've had a lot going on in the writing world and I'm quite tickled. Daily Love has published my first ever lust-type poem "The First" (don't get excited, it's not what you think), and my fellow blogger buddy Alan W. Davidson-Conversations From Land's Edge, is wrapping up the final week from the winners of the blog contest. I am happy and surprised to say that my story "The Light and Shadows of Independence" placed third amongst a myriad of high talent. Check out the other stories that placed and received honorable mentions, you won't be disappointed. I also got word that two poems I have been revising finally got picked up by the wonderful people at EveryDayPoets. The editors there are truly wonderful and I'm giddy that they chose to work with me on the poems. No word yet on when they will be published, but I will keep bloggy updated!

I will be able to settle back into my old-new routine without much fret or struggle on my part and I can't wait to get back there, catch up on blogs and see what my other blogger buddies are up to. Plus write every day. My life moves more fluidly with a routine and I as long as I am in forward motion, I'm a happy bee.

Have a great day! Happy writing!

Oh! Please enjoy the musical stylings of one Ms. Amiee Mann!


Lee Thompson said...

Great to hear you're back on track, Kara! And good on ya for getting everything situated. Real life's important too. Very.

Rock on, kiddo!

onipar... said...

Wow, a TON of great news! :-) Be sure to let us know when those *everydaypoet* poems come out.

onipar... said...

Oh, and I really liked the poem; very lustful indeed.

Oh, the link doesn't go to your poem though.

K.Hinny said...

Thanks lee! Yup, RL is important getting on track and enjoying it!

Thanks Onipar!! I fixed the links up and thanks for the read :D I will def keep ya updated on the other two poems as well!!

Demon Hunter said...

Excellent news all around, Kara. Congratulations. Proud of ya. ;-)

K.Hinny said...

Thanks Tyhitia!!! Nice to see ya! thanks for stopping by :D