Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Oi with the Poodles already..."

Okay, that's a quote from Gilmore Girls, but it is a direct comment for how I'm feeling.

Everything has fallen into place, the stars have aligned, my ducks have found their oblong row, the life I have been working for is tying up its loose ends -- I've started two short stories, both of which are taking their time to birth, I finished Betaing a fabulous novel for a friend, got my book read for my new Book Club, my bills are paid, I got my hair cut in pretty fashion, my two weeks notice is in, I've grieved my old life and now I'm ready for my new endeavor... and yet... It's a strange thing giving up a part of life that I thought I knew.

That being said, as I have dug into myself, uprooted my life and planted my feet somewhere new over the past eight months -- it wasn't hard. Yes, in the moment with the chaos whirling devilishly around me and self doubt gnawing on my every thought, picking apart the tie I knotted together, laughing at me when I cried or fell deeper into insecurity, enjoyed flooding my brain with hindered thoughts of "I can't do it," "I don't know what I am doing," "Everyone thinks I'm a ______(insert deprecation here, I'm sure I thought it of myself) -- it was hard. Very hard, nothing good comes to fruition without hard work. And yet, I'm still standing. Everything I wanted/worked for/doubted is now sitting and placid in my hand.

My point is that working hard isn't as hard as we make in out to be in our minds. Just because our mind fools us and tells us that we suck... or the equivalent (my worse thoughts aren't extremely clever,) doesn't mean that we really do. Thoughts are just thoughts, only we give them weight...ammunition, power. If we can flick them off like the dust fleck they really are, anyone can handle anything at any time. Easy. Right?

And so, I say "Oi with the Poodles, already..." enough is enough. These thoughts have kept me down for too long, and I'm taking my brain and thoughts back. I accept them but know just because I think them, doesn't make it truth.


Bea Sempere said...

WOW! You have been busy. It's great to hear the stars have aligned for you. Congrats on your two short stories. Yes, working hard isn't as hard as complaining hard, which I sometimes tend to do.

I will be uprooting my life in a few weeks and returning to my old life...but I had a job then...and I made lots of money...and I loved my condo. *shrugs*

It's wonderful to know that things are coming together for you. HURRAY!

Lee Thompson said...

Agreed! Hurray! Very proud of you, honey!

onipar... said...

Yes! I'm glad things are working out. Only today I was thinking about this very idea. About how seven months ago I was questioning everything, and here I am doing what I thought was impossible. Fear can solidify into a cement block in your brain if you let it. I'm glad you didn't let it.

Tyhitia Green said...

Congratulations! And I'm very proud of you. ;-)

You're right. We make things worse in our minds. Fear can stifle anything if we let it.

Danielle Ferries said...

Many a "wise" quote has from The Gilmore Girls, strangely enough.

Kara McElhinny said...

Thanks, Bea, Lee, Tyhitia, Tony!!

Danielle So true and still, very strange :)