Monday, October 19, 2009

The Expression

Everyone should have an outlet to express themselves. A place where they can just feel at peace to be themselves. Somewhere they can feel safe and good and true.

My place is writing.

It's something I didn't realize for a long time, something that stunted me in my growth as a human. Now I understand how great of a power it truly is for me.

I love getting lost in my thoughts, it is that free falling feel as though I was tumbling down a tunnel, but for some reason it feels safe and allows me to truly feel at home with myself. I was writing this blog with everyone else in mind, afraid that if I was myself I might be too bias. Now I just want to express my thoughts how I think them. I was under the impression, for a long time, that if I got lost in my thoughts that I would become too self involved, but I now realize that we all deserve some self involvement once in awhile.

I never really feel alive unless I am creating something, drawing, knitting, cooking, painting and yes, as I have mentioned, writing. I enjoy pouring myself into something that I can start at conception and see grow. I like to learn to help better those self expressions and to feel that I am accomplishing something suitable for me. I know that I can do anything I want to do, I just have to make it happen.

Expressing myself helps me go forward on that journey. It may not be profound to someone else, but honestly if it helps me develop into a better me, then that is all that really matters. It will help me be in a better mood, it will help me be a well rounded individual, and all in all a happier woman, it will help me move forward. Past the hard things in life and cushion the good.

When my "muse" comes knocking on my door, I see things in words or pictures. I try to make them come to life and in doing so, I am being true to myself. It's taken me a long time to realize that that is okay. It's okay to do what strikes my fancy. And it's helped me realize that it's the only way for me to truly be happy.

Art and writing are not for everyone. I understand that. Some people make music, some people create wonderful works out of wood, some people are passionate about football. I think it's not how you express yourself, if it hold some sort of substance to you and makes you feel good that's all that matters. Express yourself in whatever way you see fit. Just as long as you do.


mmcelhinny said...

Putting pen to paper or brush to canvass allows you to have concrete evidence of the way you were feeling on any certain occasion. It's wonderful to be able to come back to that. If you deem it appropriate to share that work with others, it can stem emotion in them as well and even inspire them to work harder and be a better person. Any individual with this form of talent should feel very lucky as it is a noble thing to share their creations with the world.

bettielee said...

I didn't even know you had the other blog! My bad! I am in your blog, reading your words!

Demon Hunter said...

Very true. Don't limit yourself. :-D