Friday, December 4, 2009

The Music

More often than not, I write to music.

The tones, lyrics and rhythm helps create atmosphere. It can coax a thought from of a crevice of my mind when I'm having a hard time finding words. Or it can help me string the words together when I wasn't able to before.

Music truly inspires me.

Which is why I am always on the lookout for tunes, lyrics, artists that are new and different. There are many things out there that are quite enjoyable. But the "WOW" factor? the one that stops your heart and makes you feel at one? Music like that doesn't come around often.

It's hard to find something that 'Oh Good Gravy,' I can feel the lyrics in my blood, type of mind blowing experience. Needless to say, once I find those precious artists who manage to make my heart beat with their rhythms; I hold on tight.

NPR has a song of the day in which I love to listen too. Most of the time, I can listen to the song once, read up on the band/person and move on with my day. But two times, their chosen song has made me stop and say "Hey, I'd like to hear more."

I always keep my ears open. And it's sad to say, for me at least, that I haven't been jazzed about a song for longer than I'd like to admit. Yes, I am loyal to my favorites and I can't write this entry without giving them props.

However, Tuesday night, I found a new band.

Oona and Dave Tweedie (though it's seems like they are just called Oona, I'm still looking into it.)

Oona Garthwaite has a voice that rolls over the music in a hauntingly hypnotizing way. The song I heard - Tore my heart - was stuck in my head until I managed to find a partial version. But when I found this site at I was really tickled with the other songs they had displayed as well. Dave Tweedie displays a wonderful twisted way of bringing out the darker notes with the ensemble of music he plays on the backdrop of Oona's voice.

Needless to say I'm hooked.

Their debut album Shhhhout can be found at iTunes, but I have yet to purchase it because I'd love to have it in a solid form as well. But make no mistake my friends, I will have it and I can't wait to see what the music brings out of me.


Demon Hunter said...

I love music too. :-D It inspires me in a multitude of ways, whether if it's related to writing or not. :-D

bettielee said...

A blogpost?! OMG.... are you well?! ha ha! I am terrible at actually listening to new music or new artists. I blame my getting old and feeble. :) I learn something new, I have to forget something old.