Monday, December 21, 2009

The Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms, for many different people. It's something that wakes a little piece of you up; a pure moment within yourself where you can feel your heart breathing. It's the moment you realize you're functioning at a different level than you do in your every day life.

Our muses can only take us so far. We have to work at it to keep her going, together we grow and become what we are truly destined to be.

For me, I find inspiration in dark places, stark songs that bring out the 'real' in reality, meaty books with a light message but one which is relayed in a way to make you think, even if it's a simple process. Artwork and movies help inspire me as well as acts of human kindness where one would expect none.

I'm sure it's different for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to look for inspiration. It simply just 'Is,' or is 'Not.' But the fascinating thing I love most about being inspired is that it truly is absolute, it comes from no where, and the wheels in my mind start to crank on their own.

When no one is turning the shaft, it's the best, most freeing feeling in the world.

Creating something from a special place inside of you is more often than not exhilarating, even if the journey to find the perfect way to phrase what you're trying to say, or get the imagery right, becomes frustrating, there is no match to that moment when you are thrust into a scene and become taken away with it.

Wind in your hair, balls to the wall and any other cliche you can imagine, none are as true as when you are in the moment of the inspiration.

It's the same with every day life, looking at the little things will help, remembering what it was like to be a child on Christmas morning, not being able to lie in bed because your legs had a mind of their own. It's what prompts my blog posts and it's something I'm always looking for.

That one magical moment of sheer perfection.

The words that come out of me may need tweaking, they will never be perfect as such things are when they first roll out of you. But the spark has been lit, the idea is there, it's what makes things great, better and drives you to complete the idea as a whole.

That is what truly drives me to find inspiration where ever I go. More often than not, my eyes are wide open, I'm viewing the world with a child-like merriment, just to see where it can take my mind for the next time.

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