Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bad Mood

It comes out of no where, and it's inevitable. At least for humans, or so that it what I am told.

The bad mood can happen for a myriad of reasons, the kids are screaming; the bills need paid, but there is no money to be found; we get tired, run down, stressed from work, someone says something stupid; our spouse doesn't clean up what they were supposed to clean up... on and on our moods can spurn from anywhere.

But what happens if there is no reason for the bad mood? What if you simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I believe it's more frustrating when the reason isn't evident. I think that there is a reason, but if it is not slapping us in the face, then how do we pull ourselves out?

Most times a change of scenery or changing up the activity you're currently doing helps. But what if that doesn't work? Climbing back into your bed and staying there until the next day is an option, but it can lead to avoidance and possible carry over throwing you into an endless loop of bad days.

Sadly, nothing can help us out of our bad mood but us. I hate to say it, because when I'm in a bad mood I don't feel like helping myself out of a plastic bag; but it happens. Then the building mood causes yelling, frustration and writers block. When there should be none.

Self-inflicted doubts start to creep up into my head and I start to wonder many things I wouldn't wonder if I was in a happy place. There are many days I remember what I was frustrated over and shake my head, glad it's past.

Of course logically, there is always a reason.

The only thing to do is to sit with the uncomfortable feeling and search inside ourselves to try and figure out what is fact and what is just fabrication. When that doesn't help, if the answer doesn't come in a timely manner, I believe it's all for not. We have to wait it out.

We are human after all. I think we should be allotted a nice frame of time where we don't have to be happy, just as long as we aren't too hard on ourselves and we don't hurt anyone else in the process.

Always being self-aware helps as well. Now sometimes when the anger fogs your mind so much to the point where we are just shouting, screaming and slamming things around, that is when we need to take drastic measures. Call a friend and rant, write your angry thoughts, no matter how vicious they may seem, out; do something to extract the bitter engergy from yourself.

Soon, it will all be just a memory.

Too often, I know of people who judge themselves too brashly, they beat themselves up because they feel like they should be able to control themselves ALL of the time. That is just not the case. Why are you better than the other people around you? You're entitled to feel what you feel. Whether you want to or not.

Keep in mind it will pass. Emotions are like the weather, we are very much like the earth in that way, cruel and destructive in one moment, kind and gentle in the next. What's important to keep in mind is that they all pass. The good times fade, but so do the bad times.

Hold tight to yourself and know that eventually everything will be okay.


Demon Hunter said...

Good post. I always know what puts me in a bad mood, even though I may not want to admit what's bugging me, I always know and that makes it worse as you said. Good point.:-)

bettielee said...

"I hate to say it, because when I'm in a bad mood I don't feel like helping myself out of a plastic bag; but it happens. " <---yes, this! When I wake up with a bad mood for no reason, I am the first one that could help myself and the last one willing to do anything about it....

K.Hinny said...

LOL!! Thanks Ladies!! *Hugs* glad you liked the post. :)

I was just thinking about it, and I don't like being in bad moods; most times I know why I'm so angry and I can work my way out. But there are those rare occasions, I can't and it pisses me off more!!

The next day is always better. And I keep that in the back of my mind!! :D