Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Balance.

I think it's more than ironic, when choosing balance as a blog topic this week, I decide to get sick. I've been trying to write this post for three days. Between hacking and sneezing it's been a rough one. :D

Currently, I am in the process of trying to get back the balance in my life. I was on a fantastic roll. I wrote everyday, read everyday and spent time in the Real World everyday (doing not so exciting things like laundry, cooking and cleaning.) I was learning so much and my writing was growing in leaps and bounds. I had a pretty neat little thing going on for months.

Then, of course, real life had to hit me in the head with a big pile of poo. My perfected system sank down into the abyss. I barely wrote, barely read and had very little time to clean. It was a mess (in more ways than one,) and while I wanted to bring back balance into my life because consistency is something I like, I couldn't seem to jump back on the damn horse.

Life, in her funny way likes playing jokes on us. She twists things around to keep us on our toes, and balance is not always possible to find. I'm pleased that I didn't allow it to get me down too much this time. I knew that eventually everything would have to settle.

Thankfully, I am fluffing out the last of the wrinkles from my unbalanced life. Balance is right over the hill (once I get over this damn bug. :D)

I am a firm believer in writing every day, even if it is nonsense. Just to keep my brain warm until I'm ready for the unnonsense to come back. Now that I'm back on kilter, I will be writing everyday, reading everyday...etc. I have a set schedule in my head that I'm going to try like mad to keep. Maybe next time, I'll be able to duck when the poo gets tossed my way and keep plugging on, maybe.

I am throwing out a question to everyone. How do you keep balance when things get rough? How do you keep on plugging away emotionally or writerly or otherwise? What works for you? I know that everyone has different methods and I'm curious to see how similar or distinct they are.


Hello. said...

Hey, Hinny! I hope you get feeling better right away. Sending mucho good vibes your way.

Great post too. Recently I felt burnt out. A lot of writer friends seemed to hit it at the same point. I don't know if it's Spring or what. The best thing I find for balance is to stop effing thinking so hard, so much. To just let what will be, be. So many things are out of our control. And walks help.

K.Hinny said...

Thanks for stopping by Lee! Yes, I've noticed that as well. We all seem to have a great big fall out at the same time.

Safety in numbers maybe?

Not putting so much pressure on yourself does make it easier to get back into the swing of things.

onipar... said...

I've never been good with schedules. I do try to write every day to, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

I'm not sure I'm keeping the balance very well these days, not even sure I have much of a method.

Writing might actually be part of the method if there is one, along with hiking and music.

Hope you're feeling better.

bettielee said...

Hinny, I sorta had the same thing happen with my headaches. I couldn't focus and would go days without cracking open the wip. The less I do, the less I do. We all go through those unbalanced times. I think it's actually part of the process... getting back into and out of the rhythm of writing.

Cate Gardner said...

Some times I write thousands of words a day (slightly exaggerating) and at others I can't write any. I find that in my 'non writing' periods, thats when the ideas start to build up.

Oh, and real life sucks.

A.M Rose said...

I'm a bad one about balance. I find that switching writing projects when I'm feeling burnt out on my novel helps with writing everyday, but then I beat myself up for not working diligently on the novel.

I'm trying to take it easier on myself and remember that I love to write. I like doing this and even though I want to be published, I won't get there any faster killing myself with work and getting discouraged when I need a break.

K.Hinny said...

Thanks for the well wishes, a good dose of antibiotics from the dr man helped me to be sitting up right today :D

Thanks for sharing what works for you all, I always find other people's habits fascinating (not in a weird way, i just like it cause everyone has their own special way of doing things. :D)

Onipar, if it works for you then that's all that counts!

Bettie, I hope your headaches don't keep you down for too long. (though I know that you really are kicking ass with your WIP)

Cate... yes, real life does suck and it sounds like your alot like me :}

Amrose, try not to be so hard on yourself, the shortstories are there for a reason and must be written too, plus I think it builds up your brain for the heavier lifting such as your Novel. Good luck with it. :D