Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Workload

I've never posted goals on my blog. Then this past week hit me, I haven't written ANYTHING for my WIP in two months (seriously!?! it took me five weeks to get the rough draft out!) I've been plodding away at short stories and poems or not writing at all. I became very sad, but then I realized maybe my novel characters are hiding behind my short story characters.

What I have set for myself is a challenge of sorts, last week I started revising my short stories and tinkering with the loose ends of my poetry (they are no good to me sitting around, unfinished in their folders) after those are done, I believe I will find my novel again.

So far this week I've revised two short stories and I'm moving onto my third one today. I'm still in the learning process, but it's been a true delight for me to sit back and examine the finish products of my hard work. Honestly, I was afraid I let them "sit" for too long. But now that I'm back at them, I'm tickled with the results and I'm finding that maybe too long is just long enough.

I am going to post my workload onto my blog to track my progress. I believe this will help be keep going so I can get back to my WIP, because I miss it so.

My current workload: (titles are always subject to change)

Short stories:

Season's End - 2770 DONE!
The Gardner - ?
Idle Parts - 2615 first draft down.
Candy - ?


Faceless(previously named - Memories Untold) -done!
Confusable Mess
Bound -- Done!
Little Blue Pill - DONE!!
The Shelf
Black Nest - done!!
Borrowed Flesh

Not too bad, now that I look at it. However, new ideas are popping up every time I turn the corner. I hope that I can keep them at bay until I finish these latest revisions.

Next week I hope to set word goals for my WIP, I'm ready to get cracking on it - she's stewed for long enough.


shadow said...

Tell you what, if you post your progress every week I will too. I have not done much this week with the boys home. Having only 1 computer bites!

K.Hinny said...

Sounds good Shadow! I'll hold you to it! :D

Cody Taylor said...

Good to hear that letting your writing sit has been helpful. I look forward to tracking your progress. Thanks for always encouraging me on my own blog. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

Benjamin Solah said...

This is a great idea Kara.

I do this too and it has dramatically helped my progress. At the start of each month I report on how my goals from the previous month went and set new goals for the month.

And now I've begun to report on the progress of my projects around the middle of the month.

Oh and you're totally right about short stories being no good just sitting there in folders.

Bea Sempere said...

Good luck with your goals, Hinny. I know how it is to stray from a big project. Or how little ideas keep popping up around you.

Like you, I need to get back to my WIP. Edit and Revise and Tweak, Oh my! :D

I'm crossing my fingers that you achieve your goals. *sprinkles writing luck all over Hinny's blog*

Hello. said...

Good deal, girl. It's nice to look back and see how much progress you've made from week to week (or so, I've heard. Haha. I don't keep track of word counts at all. Just write everyday. Yesterday I wrote ten pages. Today I wrote 3 paragraphs.)

I have faith in you. Don't slack. :-)

Aaron Polson said...

You keep a journal, right? I always keep a journal for those new ideas which crop up as I'm working on something else. Once they're on paper, no worries about them interrupting my thought process.

K.Hinny said...

Thanks everyone for reading!

Cody, any time!

Ben! It's nice to see ya!

Bea, I'll take any magical dust I can get, just make sure to save some for yourself.

Lee, I won't slack thanks for the faith!

Aaron, yes I keep a journal handy with me at all time, the ideas just keep coming tho. So I have to prioritize a little bit :D

K. Allen Wood said...

Gotta admit, tracking daily word counts has helped. Such a little thing, you know, but it's helped keep me focused. When I see that I wrote 2,100 words yesterday, I want to write that much or more today.

Paula Ray said...

You're doing great, Hinney - Keep it up!

K.Hinny said...

I know what you're talking about Ken! Good luck to you as well :D

Thanks Paula! I'm trying

onipar... said...

Wow, sounds like a nice load of work. While I can easily work on edits/rewrites while writing a story or novel, I am not able to work on multiple stories/novels at the same time.

I usually have to work on one thing to completion, then move on. Just the way I am I guess.