Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Workload... wk 3


I have been putting this off all day although I'm not entirely sure why. But it doesn't matter because I'm here now!

This past week was rough writing wise. I got two short stories done, but Season's End still needs edited. I don't think I've worked so hard on a story to date. It makes me feel pretty good. Hard work will do that I guess.

Turned out I lost two day because of RL matters and so while I didn't accomplish everything I'd hoped for I believe I did okay. I knocked two stories off of my list which makes me have a sense of accomplishment and I "tried" to fix up the last three poems. I hate giving up on stuff, but I believe these three will make their way to my trunk. (shhh... don't want them to know that tho.)

On a better note, I wrote four poems, and collaborated one with a friend. Plus one of those poems got published! (See post below for link to poem.) So all in all while it was a wee bit harsh things turned out alright.

And I'm finally ahead of where I started three weeks ago. YAY!

For my short stories, I don't want to put them on hold because they've been on hold for a long time and with each little bit I write, I get better BUT... I'm going away this week for four days and will not have access to a computer. However, I will have access to a pen and notebook so we'll see. I would like to at least get Idle Parts into the second stages.

Short Stories:

The Gardner - ?
Idle Parts - 2615 first draft down.
Candy - ?
Poisoned Soul - round three.

The last three poems are done being edited. So I will simply say I'd like to get two more poems done.

And for the big one!

CINDER. My WIP. The reason I started writing in the first place. She's ready and ararin' to go. Last week I said I'd like to lay down 4k. If I accomplish this feat I will be tickled. That may mean my shorts go untouched but I'm not sure what's going to happen so I don't want to leave anything out.

My output last week:

5631 - Season's End (this does include edits, just not final)
2456 - Going Out of Business (done and done!)
3 poems edited
4 poems written

I've started becoming more organized as well. I made a word count chart for my WIP and stories so I will be able to track them more easily.

My goals for this week are:

Idle Parts - to be done
two poems of any flavor
CINDER - 4000 words.

And that's about it.

Have a great day! Happy writing!


Paula Ray said...

woohoo...I need to get so organized. You've inspired me, Hinny.

I can't wait to read Season's know how much I love that one!

Lee Thompson said...

Awesome, Kara! You're rockin' girl!

mmcelhinny said...

I have a small feeling that the four days will give your brain (and fingers) a nice rest. By Monday evening you'll be chomping at the bit to get clackity clacking again. Idle Parts....Yay!

K.Hinny said...

Thanks Paula! You always give the best encouragements!

Thanks Lee! Keep up the good work yourself :D

Thanks Matt. I hope it will give me something inspirational to write about. :D

Benjamin Solah said...

Your output is still really good, considering you're having a rough time.

You're dedicated and getting things published is proof that it's paying off.

K.Hinny said...

Thanks Ben. I'm hoping so. Keep up the good work yourself guy :D