Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Quirks and Cogs Crankin, Make Up Me

Well, I've realized that my writing has stopped for a short intermission and while this is a progressive writing blog, I miss it when I am not writing. This week has been hectic, however it's all moving in the right direction so instead of writing news, I decided to share some quirks and interworkin's of me...for those of you who'd like a good little chuckle.

Turns out I think I have quite a few quirks so I thought I'd keep it to just the first five that I find most fascinating (she says so very humbly)

1. I have imaginary friends. Different from my muse, McKenzie, she speaks to me in a rhythmic way that I know is going to be a short story, novel and/or poem. These friends formed to help me through my adolescences and teenage years because I was a severe outcast and in turn made myself invisible. I don't know if they were supposed to go away, but they never have, they have evolved with me and some of them became married, some of them had children, but they are always there when I need them to dance, talk to or just laugh at me when I run into a wall that was rude enough to jump in front of me. (Yes, I know they aren't real, I don't *actually* see them, but I "see" them...if you know what I mean, I am sane, they just won't leave me alone )

2. Speaking of walls, I have a magical gift of clumsy. I wake up with bruises that I don't remember how or where they come from, but I swear that it's those damn walls of my house beating me up while I sleep, they probably have sleeping drugs that I don't know about.

3. I talk. I talk alot. My total ramblage filter that so many of everyone else has is very thin and I can't myself from saying what's on my mind (although, I do have to admit it's usually nice stuff, not bad or mean,) or just pouring out whatever comes across confusing most until they are in a head scratching contest to see whom can lose more hair or walk away from me first.

4. I like jigsaw puzzles, "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me", and I can watch Amy Paladino's "Gilmore Girl's" over and over again without making my eyes burst from repetition.

5. While I enjoy the outdoors, ie. hiking, rock climbing, repelling, canoeing...etc, I despise camping. Sleeping outdoors on the floor in a sleeping bag does not appeal to me much. Funny. Even I think it's funny, I just want to have electricity and a comfortable place to sleep. That's it. I can walk all day in the peace and serenity of the woods with a child strapped to my back just take me to a cabin or a hotel afterward, please!!

I spilled mine, what are your quirks?

Have a great weekend!! Happy writing/reading/editing/living!!


Aaron Polson said...

I always apologize first, and then, I sometimes apologize for going first.

onipar... said...

Nice quirks. You should totally watch PAPER MAN, a movie with Jeff Daniels. If you watch it, you'll see why I recommended it. :-)

My quirks? I always choose to start work on something at the most inopportune time. I talk to myself, usually when I'm alone, but I catch myself doing it a lot when I'm grocery shopping. I simply *have* to completely clean the kitchen (wash the dishes, counters, etc) before cooking anything major.

There are too many more to mention.

Lee Thompson said...

Your quirks make you a helluva lot of fun, K. :)

Thanks for taking me to Sushi! That was awesome. I have funny stories about you now (in reference to Plum Wine. :P)

I'm sure I have quirks but I have no idea what they are. I can make some up, maybe?

I like to keep my hair shoulder length on one side to block the sun, but prefer the other side shaved. Sometimes I have to walk backwards.

I have a thing for Priests (they're so vulnerable.)

If I go five miles an hour over the speed limit my pulse races and I feel like I'm living on the edge.

I laugh a lot in hospitals.

Bea Sempere said...

LOL! Very cute, Kara. You have fun quirks.

Let’s see, my quirks are boring. I sometimes air type when people talk to me. I’ve had countless people call me on it and I tell them I was typing our conversation; or sometimes I’m typing what I’d LIKE to say to them but don’t. I’m horrible in math and I STILL count on my fingers. *cuckoo* Those are all I can think of for now.

Laurie said...

I like your quirks and must second the one about camping - I've tried it several times and each time I'm left wondering wth I was thinking to sleep on the ground.

A few of my quirks...

- I talk a lot. Mostly to things that can't answer back, so I give them voices and answer for them. "You are a very pretty blog." "Why thank you, you like the new me? Kara did this just the other day..."

- I always take my socks off when I take my shoes off, unless I'm at someone else's house.

- The shower curtain must be pulled all the way across and the closet doors must be closed before I can go to bed.

- I... Hmm... I think that's enough for now.


Kara McElhinny said...

Aaron, sorry it took me so long to respond! :P

Onipar, I talk to myself too! AND I do it when I'm at work, there is nothing better to scare a customer away than to talk to yourself, I however, don't even realize I'm doing it!!

Lee, hmm... you're strange. :P

Bea, I think those are fabulous quirks!! There are no such thing as boring ones, but if there were, yours would not qualify as such!

Laurie, thanks foreverything, sista! I think that inanimate objects CAN hear what you have to say (I attribute that to why my computer hates me so much ;)